Construction Company President

How a Construction Company President Uses VIZZN

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about Borger and the type of work you do?

Bill Borger: Borger Group of Companies is a 102 year old 4th generation family business, with a focus in underground construction and earthmoving.

Interviewer: How does Vizzn’s dispatching feature make you more profitable?

Bill Borger: Well, our typical construction site costs $20,000 per day in labour and equipment so being profitable isn’t just knowing if something is happening today it is about knowing exactly when. For example, knowing that a piece of equipment is coming to my site tomorrow is not enough. I need to know exactly when. Knowing exactly when that piece of equipment will arrive allows my team to optimize the before and after scope of work, crew size, start time, and even what that operator is doing while the machine is on the road. If I do just that one thing right every time on every job, that is worth more than $250,000 a year in increased profits.

Interviewer: That makes sense. Do you have another example of how knowing the timing of upcoming events makes you more money?

Bill Borger: Before Vizzn, we would have sites that ran out of pipe, gravel, materials, or fuel because of communication breakdowns and incorrect assumptions. When a crew costs $20,000 per day, that mistake cost us $6,500 every time it happened. We estimate loses of $250,000 annually to this type of mistake. With Vizzn, there is perfect visibility into not only what is going to happen on any site but also, and often more importantly, what is not going to happen. We have gone from no one really knowing how all the upcoming events were going to unfold to now a new world where everyone knows exactly how everything is going to unfold in advance. It’s a game changer! Foreman, Supers and Project Managers alike have perfect visibility into the future to catch problems before they happen; all because they can see all the information they need to see as they need to see it.

Interviewer: That also makes good common sense. What would you say is the single biggest benefit you have gained from the visibility provided by Vizzn?

Bill Borger: Great question, and the answer is Vizzn’s notifications for when a machine breaks down. Everyone who needs to know this finds out instantly and gets all the information they need to minimize the financial impact. Before Vizzn, my crews would often make do with the remaining equipment without optimizing crew size, scope or getting a replacement machine quickly. I can quickly lose tens of thousands of dollars if they do that. Between this feature and the Vizzn equipment location tool (GSP of the fleet without paying for GPS), it has easily added $350,000 of annual profitability. Not only does Vizzn provide us with GPS of our fleet (without requiring any GPS hardware) but also the status of every machine (active, parked, under repair, or out of service) so finding that replacement machine is easier than ever.

Interviewer: Does Vizzn require you to hire more people to run this program?

Bill Borger: No, not at all. Vizzn is quite ingenious in this regard. Vizzn simply replaces dispatch phone calls and emails with its dispatch system and the software does the rest. I did not need to hire a single additional person. In fact, my Equipment Leader and Transport Leader saw their phone minutes drop by more than 2,500 minutes a month each. Time that used to be spent giving status updates is now redirected to keeping the events on track and profitable.

Interviewer: Has Vizzn changed how Project Managers manage their projects?

Bill Borger: Absolutely, before Vizzn our Project Managers were viewed as armchair quarterbacks by the rest of team. They were identifying, from the job costing system, how the team could have done better yesterday; a dollar short and a day late. With Vizzn, every team member can clearly see the future and solve the conflicts before they happen. We found that 90% of the daily “fires” fought by Superintendents, Equipment Managers and Transportation Leaders were due to poor visibility of future events. Our company has more than 150 events happening in a day plus another 150 outstanding dispatch requests. No one can keep this all straight, no matter how smart you are. And, not only that, because it is all kept straight with Vizzn, everyone is spending way more time on optimizing tomorrow and much less time on fighting fires today.

Interviewer: Is this software redundant with other heavy civil construction software used for job costing, bidding and time keeping? For example, HCSS Suite products such as HeavyBid, HeavyJob, E360 or Fueler Plus?

Bill Borger: Vizzn fits in with all our existing estimating, job costing and timing keeping software. We use HeavyJob, E360 and Fueler Plus and find no redundancy. It simply replaces dispatching phone calls with the Vizzn system.

Interviewer: What else does Vizzn do?

Bill Borger: I’m glad you asked. Vizzn has a site mapping feature that augments reality. For example, with Vizzn you can literally walk the construction drawings, meaning that during the bidding phase of our projects, our estimators literally walk the site while simultaneously walking the drawings on their phone. This feature really improves the accuracy of our tenders when the augmented reality is understood in relation to site challenges such as standing water, power lines, gas lines, and proximity to existing structures.

This same mapping feature is also used for the construction phase as our team lays out the site for construction optimization. For example, we lay out the gravel piles, material laydown, equipment laydown, job shacks, water tower, fuel cells, and even the porta potties. Then this same mapping feature allows the team to place all these items at those exact locations without the site needing to be staked. This not only results in more efficient sites but also often requires less equipment. This feature is a million dollar a year feature for us.

Interviewer: Okay, that’s huge! How about safety? Does Vizzn increase construction safety?

Bill Borger: Vizzn also handles all our safety paperwork. It is the only product that can identify all missing safety paperwork as it’s the only product that knows every event inside our company and the status of every piece of equipment. This is in addition to the obvious safety benefits that occur when every team member understands the activities of the other teams on their sites.

Interviewer: Wow! Anything else Vizzn does that makes you more profitable? I’m now almost hesitant to ask.

Bill Borger: Yes, and this one is a biggie! Vizzn handles all our macro level project scheduling that allows for embedded equipment utilization plans so we can see our overall equipment utilization many months in advance. Changing the job start dates automatically changes the equipment utilization schedule. We make better decisions around equipment rentals, purchases, sales, and the timing of those activities. That’s probably worth another million dollars, just by itself.

Interviewer: Wow! I’m sold and I don’t even own a construction company. How would someone like me get started on Vizzn?

Bill Borger: Well, my advice, unless you are my competition, is go to and request a demo to see if you agree with my analysis. Vizzn has a tried-and-true method of transitioning your team into a Vizzn enabled team. Their elite set-up teams, training programs, weekly webinars, and live help, is world class. Our company was up and running in just 2 weeks and every month we find new ways for Vizzn to make us more profitable.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time and good luck with everything.

Bill Borger: I don’t need luck, I have Vizzn.

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