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Construction Company Dispatch and Scheduling Tool – An Operations Manager Interview on VIZZN


VIZZN: Hello construction world. I’m here with Leigh, who is an operations manager with an earthworks construction company in Alberta, Canada. Leigh, can you give us a little background on your day-to-day functions as an operations manager in an earthworks construction company, what kind of projects you work on?

Leigh: As a daily operations manager, I’m looking at the entire schedule and scope of every project, go through where we are in our stage with each project, start assessing equipment needs, reviewing any repairs for equipment, just kind of setting up the crews to be successful on a daily and weekly basis. And then having that forward-thinking about to see where some of our projects are gonna go, and where we need to go next.

The heavy civil world we move a lot of material around. So there’s big equipment, a lot of risk, and things move quickly in our world. So being able to change and adapt fairly quickly is key.

VIZZN: Can you give me an example of a current project that you’d be working on?

Leigh: Right now we’re working on the Tsuut’ina Nation’s Taza Development. We’re gonna be doing some line grading there to create a new business park, just off Stoney Trail. So in the southwest of Calgary, between Grey Eagle Casino and Highway 8.

VIZZN: How big is that project?

Leigh: It’s at least 150 acres to start with but it could go to 600 hectares I believe. Right now we’re running 637 scrapers up there, we have a couple of 815 Packers, graders and some water trucks. The project has just started, its in its infancy. We’re projected to go for the remainder of this year, potentially straight in through the next year as well. So it’s a long-term vision up to a three-year program. It has multiple phases.

To be continued.

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