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With Vizzn dispatch, you enter a new world where you can see everything happening on your sites and optimize the present as well as the future.
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See upcoming events and outstanding dispatches, all filtered as you need to see them.

With Vizzn, not only can you see all the upcoming activities on your projects, but you can also see the filtered outstanding dispatches and their status. With this information, better decisions can be made around tomorrow’s scope of work, crew size, and equipment utilization to keep your projects on track.

Vizzn screen
Vizzn provides you with the status of all the equipment on your sites

With your Transportation division and Mechanic division also using Vizzn for dispatch to optimize their options, they are “inadvertently” giving information to everyone else as they need it. For example, the transport team is providing the GPS location of every piece of equipment because they moved it there, the mechanic team is providing the repair status of each of piece of equipment because they were requested to work on it through Vizzn, and your Foremen are updating whether the equipment is parked vs active; all this occurs through Vizzn. Vizzn requires no additional work by these teams as it is information that is inadvertently provided, simply by everyone using Vizzn.

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Profit Increase Per Year

A medium to large construction company with 200+ employees and/or 200+ pieces of equipment may be able to realize profit increases of this magnitude. With Vizzn, you can gain profitability in everything from estimating, project management, people management, equipment and fleet management, subcontracting, and transportation.


Less Phone Minutes Each and Every Month for Your Superintendents

Your Supers are spending inordinate amounts of time relaying status updates and other required communication over and over again that could be communicated once to everyone simultaneously with Vizzn. Hey, when is that machine coming back into service? Hey, where is this site again? Hey, where do you want this load of gravel?


Improvement in Visibility, Accountability and Transparency of Tomorrow

No more time has to be spent fighting fires today that were simply a result of poor communication yesterday. With Vizzn, your team can refocus on optimizing tomorrow with certainty of how it is going to unfold.

Improve Every Aspect of Your Business
Improve Your Estimating

Improve your estimating with the unprecedented ability to walk the drawings!
Document the site challenges with locations and photos and everyone can review
them on the site map.

Improve How You Set-up Your Job Site

Improve your site efficiency by laying out your site for success long before you even begin taking into account construction plans and scopes to tackle first. The site mapping feature allows for the exact placement of gravel piles, materials, equipment, job shacks, site access, and all electronically communicated. A properly set up site is more efficient and may require less equipment to execute the work.

Improve Your Visibility into Upcoming Events and Outstanding Dispatches

Everyone in your company is on Vizzn so everyone can see how all the other divisions are impacting their objectives. For example, sites are touched by fuelers, mechanics, operators, field team members, transportation team for equipment and materials, subcontractors, crews, and delivery of material. The other teams need to know how those activities impact them and filter out all the other noise.

Improve Your Visibility of Events as They Unfold Real Time

Be kept up-to-date as events unfold in real-time and react quicker as problems arise. You are no longer bound to waiting for job costing information, everyone can see the problems simultaneously if it is relevant to them.

Improve Your Real Time Visibility of Your Internal and External Resources

Know the exact status of any machine in real-time to ensure job site profitability is kept on track (no GPS required) – where it is, is it running or down for repair, or is it parked or active? Also, know and view where your trucks are, where your subcontracting trucks are, and be able to replay their routes.

Improve the Use of Your Equipment Dollars

Know exactly how many of every piece of equipment you need in 9 months compared to your active fleet. For example, how many 637s do you need compared to how many you have that are not under repair? Your equipment utilization will change as your project schedule changes. Vizzn drives better decisions for buying, leasing, renting, selling, and repairing equipment.

Improve Your Safety

Vizzn knows the status of every site, every piece of equipment, and every event in your organization and can compare this, for example, to active equipment that is missing the daily equipment checklist and follow up with the right people to ensure this safety document is completed. Vizzn handles all of your safety paperwork with the use of AI so you have optimal compliance and corresponding paperwork.

...and many more!
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