Vizzn is a suite of highly innovative software solutions for the heavy construction industry.

Vizzn’s project management tools assist with everything from estimating, dispatching, scheduling, job-site logistics, construction management, extra billings, environmental and quality control; that can be used together or as a stand-alone solution.

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What Vizzn customers are saying

Borger Group of Companies
"I used to take 150 phone calls by 10:30am on a Monday morning - now I get less than 150 phone calls over an entire week. The scheduling of mechanics and fleet management tools are so efficient, I now couldn't imagine doing my job without Vizzn"
Brandon Bond
Equipment Manager , Borger Group of Companies
"Vizzn is the way of the future, its an excellent product and is allowing us to improve our customer service"
James Wilson
General Manager; Greater Calgary Area - Aggregates, Asphalt and Recycling, Lafarge
FEHN Companies
"Incorporating this software into our workflow has been a game-changer for our organization. Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and exceptional customer support have exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend this software to anyone"
Trevor Koshiol
GPS Model/IT Tech, FEHN Companies
Standard General Calgary
"The resounding feedback from our group is positive and we will continue to use Vizzn and pay on a yearly basis"
Rob Banks
General Manager, Standard General Calgary
"The Product is Phenomenal"
Carlos Fuentes
President and CEO, ALSA
Whissell Contracting Ltd.
"Our team is using VIZZN and it has changed how we operate. Great program and very well thought out"
Jarrad Whissell
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Vizzn Enabled companies are reporting the following!

Potential Reduction in Dispatching Errors
Potential Reduction Bidding Errors
Potential Reduction in equipment rentals, repairs and purchases
Potential reduction in project re work
Potential Improvements in Safety compliance
Potential increases to your bottom line
Potential reduction in annual trucking costs
Potential Reduction in fueling errors
Potential Reduction in Field Errors
Potential Increase in Revenue due to increases in Extra Billings
Potential Improvemnt in Quality Metrics
Flexible Products
Only use the portion of the Vizzn suite of products that resonate with exactly how you do business and your existing software.

As a leader in heavy civil construction project management software, Vizzn recognizes that its users have many established best practices and existing software solutions.

Vizzn screen

Dispatch and Scheduling

A tool that can be used by every division in your construction company to organize and schedule their daily activities. Divisions using Vizzn dispatching, provide transparency of their activities to other divisions and leaders on impacted jobsites. This enables divisions and job sites to work together like an orchestra all playing from the same sheet music. Divisions might include general dispatch, mechanics, equipment hauling and fueling, to name a few.

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Truck Management Solution

Use this tool to measure and manage all of your trucking events; internal trucks and subcontractor trucks/brokers alike.

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Screenshot of Vizzn application

Interactive Drawings for Day-to-Day Construction

Electronically communicate expected project methodology through the drawings. This portion is rock trucks, this portion is single line, this manhole is built as follows (barrel, rim, cover). And every site leader can view themselves in the exact spot that these notes are meant for .

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Vizzn is an electronic safety form solution that can handle all your safety paperwork. It is unique in its ability to identify missing safety paperwork as it is the only safety form solution that knows the status of every resource and knows every event going on inside your company. It can compare what should have been filed with what was actually filed and escalate the missing paperwork to the teams that require it.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Vizzn is that with Vizzn every single team member can see themselves on Vizzn Maps in relation to all the site safety plan and orientate themselves with all the hazards on site and how these items relate to where they are standing in that moment.

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Project Scheduling with Embedded Equipment

Know your job schedule and exactly how many pieces of each type of equipment you need months in advance.

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Screenshot of Vizzn application
Screenshot of Vizzn application

Vizzn Fueler

Use this Tool to Optimize your Fueling Operations.

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Screenshot of Vizzn application

Fleet Management

An Equipment GPS Solution that Surprisingly DOESN’T REQUIRE Any GPS Hardware or Monthly Data Charges - Vizzn remembers past heavy haul events and provides an updated magnate board of your fleet. Unlike traditional GPS systems, Vizzn also tells you each piece of equipment’s repair status, return to service time, activity status (active vs. parked), outstanding move requests, fuel status, and where it is going to be tomorrow.

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Interactive Drawings for extra billings and quality control

Know your job schedule and exactly how many pieces of each type of equipment you need months in advance.

Site leaders can document daily activities and challenges, complete with photos and videos, back onto the electronic drawings; geo-stamped and date-stamped to that exact location and orientation. Ensure you have the documentation you need to win those extras.

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Job Site Layout

Electronically design your optimal site layout and convert that into an reality as an exact duplicate, before it is ever staked, so optimal site efficiency can follow.

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Ticketing Software

Let Vizzn collect and organize all the tickets you receive in the field; ensure you only pay for exactly what you receive.

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Screenshot of Vizzn application

Interactive Drawings for Estimating

An estimator can open drawings on their phone and literally walk those same electronic drawings as they physically walk the site itself. And simultaneously document their walk about with key points placed back onto those same drawings, complete with photos and videos.

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These same drawings can be further enhanced later to communicate construction plans to the field team so the field team understands exactly how the site was estimated.



Document daily environmental activities and challenges, complete with photos and videos, back into the electronic drawings that are geo-stamped and date stamped to that exact location and orientation. Vizzn also handles the logistics of material moving from site to site.

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