Construction Company Automation Tools – How a Dispatcher uses VIZZN


Hello, construction world. I’m here with Kent, who is the dispatch manager of an Alberta underground and earthworks and transportation company.

VIZZN: Can you give us a little background on your day-to-day functions as a construction company equipment dispatch manager.

Kent: Apart from the hiring, firing, disciplinary action within the transportation department, I manage the dispatch side. So for all the movement of our trucks, which includes gravel, material halls, such as concrete, pipe, and things like that, and then also our heavy equipment from site to site. What will happen is a superintendent or somebody else in the field will request a piece of machinery to be moved from site one to site two. And I will facilitate that by choosing the right trucks and however many wheels we need, depending on the size of the machine to get the equipment to the site. Anything that’s moving, I’m behind it.

VIZZN: How many machines are you in charge of, what are you moving to the job sites?

Kent: So for transport, we’ve got 24 power units, six trailers, and then all the people to move on with those pieces of equipment. So we’ve got the step deck low boys all the way up to a 64 slash 76 dolly trailers with plugin capabilities. We’ve got two pilot trucks as well, depends on the width for the pilot trucks.

We move probably upwards of 500 pieces of equipment in the heavy haul situation. For dispatches, we handle more than the 500 moves. We’ve got four gravel trucks and two material haul trucks. So every day I can potentially have as high as four dispatches for gravel trucks, each one of them could have one dispatch each and as material haul trucks. So you’d be well over that 1000 dispatch mark in a year easily.

To be continued.

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