Construction Company Dispatch and Scheduling App – A Foreman Interview on VIZZN


Hello construction world. I’m here with Tracy, who is a foreman with an earthworks construction company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

VIZZN: Tracy, can you give us a little background on your day-to-day functions in an underground earthworks construction company, and what kind of projects you work on?

Tracey: This project is going to be a residential and school area. We’ll be at this location for a few more weeks but we started four years ago – it’s a multi phase project. I’m just taking down loam piles and we got spill piles for underground.

Right now we got four scrapers, a packer, a water truck, a grader, and a dozer. There’s eight crew here including me.

VIZZN: Are you the foreman on any other sites and what does the rest of the season look like for you?

Tracey: Just this site here in Ardrie. As for the rest of this season, it depends on the size of the site. I’m not even sure where I go after here but they’ll put me somewhere else once I’m done here.

VIZZN: How long you’ve been in construction and what equipment have you operated?

Tracey: 20 years. It started on a rock truck and then went from a rock truck to a 31 which is single-engine and then to a 37 which is a twin-engine scraper and 57 I went to and then I became foreman; I operated pretty much everything. I’ve been a forman for eight years. My crews run from about 8 to 15 people.

VIZZN: Who do you report to directly and how many outside people do you deal with?

Tracey: I report to the site superintendent. Right now I’ve got trucks coming in and dumping from other sites, so I talked to them a little bit. I got Volker Stevin at the other end, I have to talk to them every once in a while, but not daily. Our underground was out here so I have to deal with those guys too. For the developers, there’s usually one person I deal with; sometimes he’ll be here once a day, sometimes he’ll be here once a week. If the home builders are working next to my site then I have to talk to them too.

VIZZN: Okay, let’s talk about VIZZN. When did you start using VIZZN?

To be continued.

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