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Eight secrets to the most profitable construction site are just a click away. Optimize fueling, equipment dispatch, crew scheduling, AI driven walk-the-drawings site estimating, map overlays, and so much more will enable you to save a massive amount of money on your construction projects.

Automated Dispatching and Scheduling Software
A company can easily have 150 events (locates, equipment moves, material deliveries, fuel deliveries etc.) plus another 200 outstanding requests. Without Vizzn no one is keeping all of this straight and every miscommunication is costing you profitability

Vizzn simply replaces phone calls of people requesting “stuff” with a Vizzn Dispatch and replaces phone calls of people "appointing other people to do that stuff" with Vizzn Scheduling and then all of this information neatly displayed for each person based on their needs, providing the visibility they need to help your company make money. All of this requires less people not more! With Vizzn visibility into the future, Borger never runs out of pipe, bedding material or fuel and never finds out too late that a machine broke down.

When your crew costs $15,000 per day a single error such as missing fuel, or running out of materials or bedding material could cost $3,500 in standby



Knowing the exact timing of equipment delivery, material delivery, and fuel delivery - to the minute - a day in advance - and then have the opportunity to plan accordingly.

Knowing that a machine is going to arrive at a site tomorrow when a crew costs $15,000+/day is not nearly accurate enough.

Knowing the exact timing of tomorrow’s machine delivery, enables the team, to optimize based on the minute of arrival -tomorrows scope of work being tackled, the crew size, and perhaps even tomorrow’s start time. This is especially important in earthworks operations where this is often no sense even starting a site until enough if not enough production machines have arrived to make moving dirt economical. Also, that grader arriving a bit earlier might make start up a bit more fluid.

Screenshot of Vizzn application
Screenshot of Vizzn application

Map Overlays for site Planning

Less Equipment Required for the same volume of work

Vizzn’s electronic site mapping feature allows for the exact placement of pipe and materials, gravel and sand, and laydown areas for optimal construction efficiency; all before the crew arrives and all without requiring any site staking! Gravel/sand/pipe locations are exactly optimized taking into account your expected spill piles and where that material will be exactly required. Less equipment is often required or the site moves quicker.


Live Trucking View of yours and all subcontracting trucks by event

Always know you have the correct number of trucks you ordered for bedding material (sand and gravel) and know every load was properly delivered to the correct site. Not just your trucks but even the subcontractor's trucks working for you.

Vizzn’s replay feature of both internal and subcontract trucking allows for real-time tracking and retroactive load delivery verification.

Vizzn has more exciting updates coming around this feature that will track every delivery slip electronically. Rest easy knowing you only paid for gravel that arrived at your sites and your subcontractor gave you the exact number of trucks you requested.

Screenshot of Vizzn application
Screenshot of Vizzn application

Equipment GPS without GPS hardware

Perfect visibility into equipment locations (without requiring GPS) and equipment status (active, under repair, out of service) and seeing equipment utilization (again without GPS)

Know exactly where your equipment is and if it's under repair or not and if it's working or not helps the company make better decisions on equipment rentals, purchases, and tomorrow's work plan. For sure there will be no more equipment hoarding or renting unnecessary equipment but more importantly, your scope of work and active equipment will be aligned.

All of this information comes from less work and no additional people and less time.


Equipment Utilization embedded in your Project Schedule

Better Decisions around equipment purchases, rentals, repairs, and equipment sales

Vizzn’s project scheduling feature also provides visibility of your specific equipment needs months in advance and compares it to the fleet you have. Changing your project schedule changes the utilization prediction. Much better decisions are made around equipment purchases/sales, repairs and rentals. Vizzn customers estimate savings of 8% of depreciation + repairs +rental costs – for you, this would be $1M+.

The savings come from not buying unnecessary equipment, renting equipment for the correct length of time and terms, and not necessarily repairing equipment or changing the timing of the repairs to become winter work projects if the machine isn’t required. This visibility seen months in advance can promote the decision to pushing customers to complete their work earlier to avoid the upcoming equipment crunch.

Screenshot of Vizzn application


Fueling is Optimized

Vizzn provides visibility into fueling that allows for the most efficient routes and distribution of your fuel, plus enables everyone following that site to be assured the fuel truck is coming and the timing of that fuel truck. Knowing the timing of fuel arrival, if during the day, may help with optimizing the upcoming coffee break. Vizzn’s AI will also let you know if the fueling team overlooked a potential site that requires fuel.

Screenshot of Vizzn application
Screenshot of Vizzn application

Walk the Drawings and Better Understand how the drawings fit the reality before you bid

Site Maps for Estimating

Although Vizzn is not an estimating program in the traditional sense, its tools improve the accuracy of tender preparation and tender reviews exponentially.

During the tender preparation stage, Vizzn’s map overlay features enable your team to walk the drawings and anything you draw on the drawings during the tender process! Know exactly where that site boundary is, how that power line comes into play, where that gas line is, how close are we to that structure? This feature also allows for The posting of positions from the field back to the map overlay to include the site walk back into the tender review process.

During the tender review stage this same mapping feature prompts better questions around road ban challenges, site access challenges, traffic accommodation issues, test hole results, safety, proximity of housing and environmental concerns to name a few. Better information makes for more accurate estimates. At Borger no tender is reviewed without using the Vizzn mapping feature.

Your Safety Program can further leverage Technology to become even safer.

Vizzn collects all of your daily equipment checks and provides visibility into missing checklists. If one was required but not submitted, Vizzn will let you know. Vizzn will also handle all of your other safety paperwork and identify what's missing. No other safety product can do this because no other safety product knows every event happening inside your organization.

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